Over the past decade the Golden State dream has been diminished by unchecked lawlessness. So-called criminal reforms from our soft-on-crime State Legislature cater to the rights of criminals and hurt law-abiding citizens. Jesús will work for real prison reform as opposed to the revolving door approach foisted upon us by Sacramento Politicians. It is imperative that criminals who cannot be reformed serve full sentences, while those that want a new life have an opportunity to be rehabilitated.

Liberal L.A. politicians want to send our water to Southern California. You can count on Jesús to stand up against anyone that attempts to steal one drop of our water! Funding for this ill-conceived ‘Twin Tunnels’ project should be spent on more water storage! We need a reliable supply of clean water for our homes, businesses and farms. As your State Senator, Jesús will do everything possible to protect and preserve our most valuable resource, WATER!

While politicians in Sacramento and big money special interests form an unholy alliance, the rest of us are left with the scraps they choose to throw our way. Jesús favors a strict state budget spending cap, will oppose tax hikes and battle any effort to gut Proposition 13 property tax savings. He also favors reforming the unfair public employee retirement system because its jeopardizing vital local government services.